“The new mom’s group is a perfect combination of moral support and encouragement and practical advice on the topics that inevitably preoccupy the mothers of newborns.  I went home from each meeting reassured that my daily trials and tribulations were shared by other moms and with ideas about how to cope with them.”
-Jill, mom of newborn

“I have had both group and individual sessions with Michelle Canarick, and in both settings she was approachable, generous, and compassionate. Her attitude toward parenting is sensible and non-judgmental, and she helped me to see that the doubts and anxieties I was having as a new mother were normal and manageable. She also offered a good deal of very practical advice on everything from sleep transitions to developmental stages to the simple question of what to do all day with an infant. I will always be grateful that I found her when I did.”
-Emma, mom of 4-month-old

“Michelle provided a safe and supportive environment to explore the incredible but challenging journey of motherhood.  She provided both practical and emotional support, and used her personal experience as a mom to add warmth and encourage openness within the group.”
-Annie, mom of 3-year-old and newborn