These groups provide practical techniques with the cushion of a support system for moms.

What Can You Expect?
Michelle’s proven ability to lead successful group dialogues to identify strategies for handling issues using humor, while creating a sense of community and of course, relying on her professional background.

As a psychotherapist, Michelle can identify whether group members or their children are experiencing issues that require a referral to a specialist.

Current Groups
RSVP via email at or by calling 917-657-0965.

“2nd Time Around” Moms Group (babies are welcome)
Mondays 1-2:15 PM
420 West End Avenue, Suite 1A
Acquire practical skills and gain support as you experience this new phase of motherhood.  Topics include (but will be driven by members):
• How to roll with the punches. Changing with the changing schedule.
• Don’t cry over spilled breast milk! Feelings about feeding.
• Will I ever sleep again? Wading through all of the “expert” advice.

Series & Rates
Free Trial: Join us for a free trial session prior to making a commitment!

8-week session, $480: Group members will benefit from the advantages that come from attending regular sessions and building upon topics and conversations with a community of mothers. At the end of this series, participants receive a personalized plan, identifying real solutions for 2-3 challenges they communicated during discussions.

Bring-A-Friend Policy
Bring a friend to a session and receive a credit towards a session!