Sleep Consultations

I believe that consistency is the most important element to sleep training. To develop consistency, I work with parents to develop a sleep training plan to prepare them for any nighttime events since I firmly believe that no one makes good decisions in the middle of the night. Additionally, to alleviate the strain of sleep training in two-parent households, I provide parents with assignments to avoid middle-of-the-night disagreements between couples. This personalized plan is developed through a series of stages:
Automatic Mode:
Parents are responding to each of their baby’s cries. This stage is typically only appropriate for the first few months of a newborn’s life.
Observational/Experimental Mode:
Parents act as detectives to identify patterns in their child’s sleep and experiment with different types of interventions to gain more structure.
Implementation Mode:
Parents develop a plan that they are prepared to implement for multiple, consecutive nights to facilitate independent, nighttime sleep. Each family will have a different level of crying (both baby and mom!) depending on the parents’ style.

During sleep training, I work with families via the phone (available until 11:00 p.m.), in office, and in your home (during daytime hours). Each child is different and I customize sleep strategies based on the client and keep parents motivated to stick with the plan.